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Young Creatives inspire positive change and creativity for 2022

1 January 2022

“Building a vision of what we would, and could do.” Modern Art Oxford Young Creative 2021

We all know that creativity can make such a positive difference to our wellbeing. It’s a subject we regularly return to in our programmes and online conversations, and this January is absolutely no exception.

So this Blue Monday, we’re excited to be handing over the reins to Modern Art Oxford Young Creatives, Alex, Jyotsni, Mia, Natalie, Niamh, Noah, Thea, and Yeva, whose recent project aims to inspire a year of positive change and creativity for us all.

Reflecting on their year, the Young Creatives take inspiration from the archive and have selected a quote from the artist Yoko Ono to inspire our audiences for 2022. Explore their artworks and words below, which are also available to buy in our Shop as a limited set of postcards.

“We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.” Yoko Ono

Hand drawing in graphite of the words 'GROW'
27, 853 Days by Noah, 2021 Young Creative

I learnt a lot about myself and my creativity.” 2021 Young Creative

Photo of a sculpture showing a couple kissing, with lines of red stitching around it and strip lighting above
Intertwined by Jyotsni, 2021 Young Creative

“My favourite session was meeting the Young Creatives in person for the first time, as well as Holly and Sara from the Learning team. It was so great to see Modern Art Oxford for the first time and experience the exhibition there. The final exhibition party was by far my favourite day – such a cool experience.” 2021 Young Creative

Painting in greys and blacks of a young person looking at their reflection
Warped Future by Yeva, 2021 Young Creative

“It was lovely to bounce ideas of each other and build a vision of what we would, and could do.” 2021 Young Creative 

Painting of two Mini cars, one old and one new, with the words 'From Fossil Fuel to Electric'
From Fossil Fuel to Electric by Alex, 2021 Young Creative

“It has been a remarkable occasion. Working as a collective with other Young Creatives, sharing our thoughts and opinions about different exhibitions and events… It was also a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into how a gallery runs its programme and the amount of work that takes place is fascinating.” Alex, 2021 Young Creative

Painted portrait of a young person with their head resting on their hands, with a black background filled with coloured butterflies
Dreaming of Metamorphosis by Thea, 2021 Young Creative

During my time as a Young Creative I learnt a lot about the gallery and developed my understanding of the processes that make successful events.2021 Young Creative

Black and white photos and text of a young person and fireworks, a birthday cake with candle and a pile of coins. Words read, ‘Sometimes big dreams come with equally big nightmares.’
Sometimes Big Dreams Come with Equally Big Nightmares by Natalie, 2021 Young Creative

Meeting other young creative people to work collaboratively together has been invaluable in developing my ideas and broadening my perspectives” Mia, 2021 Young Creative

Close up painted portrait of a young person using bright colours
Looking by Mia, 2021 Young Creative

Aged 16-19 and interested becoming a Young Creative?
We are currently seeking eight Young Creatives to work with the Modern Art Oxford team in 2022. Discover more about this opportunity by clicking here.

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