Modern Art Oxford is currently closed. But we’ll be back In October even bolder, brighter and better than before. Find out more.

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Our Mission

Located in one of the world’s great cities of learning, Modern Art Oxford is a leading contemporary art space with an international reputation for innovative and ambitious programming. We promote creativity in all its visual forms as an agent of social change. Our programmes, both in person and online, are shaped by a belief in dialogue between contemporary art and ideas, and celebrate the relevance of contemporary visual culture to society today.

  • We seek to create new relationships between artists and audiences in the 21st century as a way to foster a more democratic and inclusive society.
  • We recognise that creative self-expression and the opportunity to participate in culture are human rights. We believe that, through our work with artists and audiences to celebrate and enable creativity, we are contributing to a more equal society.
  • We believe contemporary art inspires and offers opportunities for learning and reflection, generates a sense of belonging and identity, and opens up a shared space for self-expression and communal exchange.

Our programming gives opportunities for audiences to be inspired, to enjoy, to learn, and to develop their creative potential.