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22 July
29 October 2023

Encounters Studio

From bus stop chats to heartfelt WhatsApps, experiment with digital drawing to capture and share your everyday encounters.

Part creative research, part collaborative graphic novel, Encounters Studio is a participatory drawing project designed to make visible our everyday moments of community and connection.  This summer throughout Boundary Encounters, explore how drawing can invite collective- and self-reflection through interactive drawing activities for all ages in the gallery and online. Each drawing submitted to the project will help grow our online graphic novel, forming a live, shared celebration of the Boundary Encounters summer programme.

Encounters Studio is created with London-based designer, artist and author Jada Bruney. Take part in Encounters Studio at Modern Art Oxford and online until 29 October 2023. This project is part of the exhibition Boundary Encounters, a summer collaboration with artists and communities, featuring new commissions, residencies and live events.


Take part in
Encounters Studio at Modern Art Oxford

Every Tuesday – Sunday, drop by Encounters Studio in the Modern Art Oxford Café to relax and create your own digital drawings. If you like, follow instructions to submit your work to our community online graphic novel. Each Friday afternoon throughout Boundary Encounters you can also take part and watch larger-than-life, live interactive drawing in our Piper Gallery.


Take part in the project online

Whether you’re at the gallery, at home, or on-the-go, you can take part and submit your drawings here via our website, using the device of your choice. To get started with digital drawing, check out our Encounters Studio drawing prompts created with artist and designer Jada Bruney.


Click in the purple box below to access our submission form.

Before submitting, please ensure you have read our Encounters Studio Terms and Conditions.

The below form will allow you to upload a drawing and send it to us. It will also invite you to fill out some information about your drawing.

The information you choose to provide below will be shared publicly alongside your drawing on our website and social media. Please only share what you’re happy for others to see. To submit an anonymous drawing, please leave the questions blank.

Please note: This form is optimised for use on desktop and iPad. To submit your drawing using a smartphone, please click here.

Although we will share as many drawings as we can, submitting your drawing does not guarantee that your work will be shared as part of the project. A selection of the drawings will appear on our website within 1-2 weeks of submission.

If you have any questions about your submission, please email us at

London-based designer, artist and author Jada Bruney has worked with a wide variety of clients from Adidas, Tate and Penguin Books, and her two books Slangphabet and Southside Story have sold over 700 copies independently. Her work covers a range of design challenges from empathy deficits, representation, generational digital nativeness and sparking curiosity through visuals and immersive experience.

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