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Encounters Studio: Digital Drawing Resources

20 July 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want a quick doodle, here you will find the best digital drawing resources for your skill level or intention. We paired with artist and designer Jada Bruney to ensure a comprehensive and up-to-date list.

Best for advanced drawers or those who are keen to practise:


  • One time purchase of £12.99

  • Only available on iPad

  • Complete artistic studio

  • Great control for detailed illustrations and produces high-res images

  • Huge range of brushes with amazing response to pressure and angle

  • Very user-friendly, easy-to-use interface

Infinite Painter

  • Free but with In-App purchases + 7 day free trial to try premium features
  • Favoured by Android users but also available on iPad
  • Powerful tools, brushes and interface

Adobe Fresco

  • Free – In-app purchases 
  • Only 14 different brushes to choose from
  • iPhone, iPad and desktop compatible

Adobe Illustrator Draw

  • Allows you to draw with vectors
  • Syncs to the creative cloud 
  • Easy to navigate

Best for doodlers and sketchers:


  • Free – iPhones have this pre-downloaded
  • An ever expanding canvas 
  • Limited range of materials, so best for quick doodles


  • Basic version is free, unlock the Essentials Pack with a one-off payment of £10
  • Infinite canvas and unlimited layers
  • Basic version is great for doodles but Essentials Pack allows for complex illustrations. 

Tayasui Sketches

  • Free
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Unlimited layers (Procreate doesn’t have this)
  • Good range of brushes with good responsiveness to pressure and angle 
  • Easy-to-use, simple interface 

Best for kids and young people:

Purepaint Kids 

  • £2.99
  • iOS & Android 
  • Only offers five colours and no tools – you just use your finger, as though you are finger painting. This takes away unnecessary steps so the child has more fun and the activity feels a lot like real-life finger painting.

Tayasui Sketches School

  • Free 
  • Child friendly version of the Tayasui Sketches app 
  • Ready mixed palette of over 30 colours, range of tools and brushes
  • Great on an iPad with an apple pencil but also great on an iPhone for on-the-go sketching 

Kids doodle – Colour and Draw 

  • Free
  • Android, iPhone & iPad
  • Easy to use with fun brushes (rainbow, neon, crayon)  
  • The brush size and colour are automatically adjusted to make the process even easier

Draw it

  • Free
  • Available on IOS
  • Kids can learn to improve their art and communication skills by sketching words in a creative way with Draw It.


Add a PaperLike screen cover to your iPad for a more realistic paper-like texture as you draw. It adds friction to the screen which can be a helpful addition when drawing in detail. 

Download fun, unusual brushes and tools from True Grit Texture Supply. Easy to download and work very well with Procreate.

If you have a go using any of these digital drawing tools we would love to see them! You can submit your drawings here via our website, using the device of your choice. To get started with digital drawing, check out our Encounters Studio drawing prompts created with artist and designer Jada Bruney.

Unleash your creativity and enjoy!

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