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Artists’ Fees & Remuneration

The Real Living Wage

Modern Art Oxford is a Real Living Wage employer and we regularly benchmark our salaries and fees with other not-for-profit arts organisations to ensure our staff, programme participants and contracted freelance suppliers are paid properly. 

Volunteering & Placements

Modern Art Oxford volunteers play an invaluable role in providing a welcoming and excellent visitor experience, as well as assisting by invigilating our exhibitions and events, supporting a wide range of projects and contributing to the culture by participating actively in the organisation.  We recognise that volunteering is not an option for everyone and look to offer meaningful professional development, training and remunerated work whenever possible, with some volunteers going on to paid employment in the sector where this is an ambition.  We offer a limited number of paid intern schemes which prioritise under-represented groups developing their careers in the sector.

Artists’ Fees

Artists are central to the values and work of Modern Art Oxford.  We exist to provide opportunities for creative growth and support, critical development and public engagement, that are essential for artists.  Our financial investment in artists extends beyond the costs involved in the production of exhibitions and projects but includes travel expenses and accommodation, reimbursement for caring costs, special access needs as individual circumstances require.  We believe that artists must be properly remunerated in line with sector guidelines for their time and expertise, and are committed to being transparent about our programming and fees policy as a not-for-profit, publicly funded charity:

Some examples of the fees we offer include:
– Solo exhibition commission (approx. 10% of exhibition budget): £2,000 – £4,000
– Education and creative learning projects: £250 per day
– Digital commission (new work): £250 per day
– Digital content licence fee (existing work): £125
– Digital content consultancy: £25 per hour/ £250 per day
– Talks and events: £250
– Speaker’s fee: £250

All fees and salaries are reviewed on an annual basis in line with sectoral benchmarks and best practice guidelines.