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21 February
2 April 2023

The Procreate Project Archive

Explore selected artworks from The Procreate Project Archive, a live growing archive featuring international artists who are mothers/parents.

This free display of posters in the Modern Art Oxford Yard is presented in collaboration with Procreate Project, an organisation supporting the professional development of women and non-binary artists who are mothers/parents.

Procreate Project is a pioneering grassroots organisation driven by an ethos that strives for innovation and sociocultural impact. The Procreate Project (PCP) Archive is a digital archive and a collection of printable posters of works made by contemporary artists who are mothers/parents and is a space for mothers and primary caregivers to re-occupy public spaces. The archive is part of Contemporary Practices of Collective Care (CPCC), a public programme aimed to support artist-mothers/parents and to address the intersectional struggles that disproportionately affect womxn artists with caring responsibilities during and beyond the current crisis.

Artists on display at Modern Art Oxford from The Procreate Project Archive are: Jocelyn Allen, Helen Barff, Sophie Bladgen, Catherine Chinatree, Minami Ivory, Tracey Kershaw, Jennifer Nieuwland, Lizzie Philps, Helen Sargeant.

Read more about the The Procreate Project Archive, discover all the artists involved and take part here.

Discover more about the Procreate Project here.

Coming soon: Discover more from The Procreate Project Archive at Arts at the Old Firestation, OVADA and Make Space.

The Procreate Project Archive programme is supported by the National Lottery, Arts Council England project grant.