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16 February 2024
7:30 pm
10:00 pm

Divine Schism: Memorials

Divine Schism presents: Memorials

Divine Schism is delighted to host Memorials once again in Oxford after their astonishing show last May on their debut tour, this time at Modern Art Oxford which is currently exhibiting Monica Sjöö: The Great Cosmic Mother. 


One side of Memorials debut album is Women Against The Bomb – the soundtrack to a documentary about the all-female Greenham Common peace camp which is featured heavily in the work of Monica Sjöö.


MEMORIALS are Verity Susman (Electrelane) and Matthew Simms (Wire, Better Corners, It Hugs Back, UUUU). As a duo these multi-instrumentalists cover plenty of ground on stage, juggling instruments in a set up resembling that of a 5-piece band. Their sound touches on the many points for which they are known, veering from melodic songwriting to psychedelic noise, free jazz freakouts, tape loops and drones, and then back again. Their debut double album – Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb is out via The state51 Conspiracy label.