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19 September
29 October 2023
10:00 am
5:00 pm

A Place for We

A Place For We addresses the need for diverse cultural spaces and the lack of an African Caribbean Cultural centre in
Oxford. The exhibition is part of a collaborative project between Oxford Brookes University and creatives, activists and
archivists from local African Caribbean and Afrikan heritage organisations, and shows designs for a cultural centre by
first year Architecture students.

Responding to a brief describing the current lack of a space and needs of the local community, students engaged with
questions on what community-led cultural spaces can offer, evolve or change. The exhibition includes some of their
portfolios and selected designs, ranging from general engagement on how culturally specific needs can be addressed to
sketches of a possible African Caribbean centre in Temple Cowley.

Image by Moe Javaheri Yeganeh, A student on the BA (Hons) Architecture course at Oxford Brookes.

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