Work Experience Blog – My Time at Modern Art Oxford

I spent one week at Modern Art Oxford for work experience to gain further understanding of the different roles involved in the art world. One of the A-levels that I hope to study is History of Art, which covers the Renaissance period, so my aim in working at Modern Art Oxford was to provide a contrast and broader perspective on contemporary art.

My knowledge of art is fairly limited which was something I hoped to improve. Being at the gallery has definitely helped my interpretation and appreciation of art as I spent part of my time shadowing Duty Managers giving tours to the public of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Origins of the Species (Part 2) and I spent time with the Visitor Assistants who invigilate the exhibitions and answer any queries from the public.

Another of my objectives was to gain a wider understanding of how a gallery works, what the different roles are and how this relates to the art world. During my time here I have learnt about Communications, Development, Programming, Retail and Front of House, as well as the importance of exhibition checking, production and the artists influence. I was introduced to each individual role in the running of Modern Art Oxford. I learned how powerful social media can be if used effectively and had the opportunity to draft content relating to upcoming events.

I was enthusiastic about the creative side of working in a gallery and found that this aspect linked with social media and publicity. I spent time taking photos of the work in the two exhibitions and working with the Retail Manager. I also had a chance to look through exhibition catalogues dating back to the1970s, which gave me an insight into contemporary and modern art.

Overall, my time at Modern Art Oxford was very beneficial and increased my understanding of the art world, the running of a gallery and the different departments and roles involved.

Words by Imogen – 16 years old

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