Twine for Beginners: How to create an interactive story online

Surface made of many blue and purple small bubbles, with a line of tiny green lights across the centre.
Photo by Mel Frances; Photo by Nariman Mosharrafa on Unsplash

Join digital storyteller and game designer Mel Frances for a beginner’s introduction to Twine, a free, interactive storytelling tool.

With this video, try your hand at some of the creative processes behind branch, a digital participatory artwork inviting you to explore what might come next. Created and presented by branch creator Mel Frances, in this short video learn what Twine is and follow a short tutorial to create your own interactive story or game online.

In this video you’ll discover how Twine can be played for free on a computer, both online or as a downloadable software. Fusing game design, interactive storytelling, speculative fiction and citizen science, branch (10 February – 13 March 2022) is a project that celebrates and shares free, open access digital creativity.

Click here to discover Twine stories created as part of the artwork branch.

branch is a Modern Art Oxford digital project created by Mel Frances in collaboration with a group of nine Creative Consultants: Laura Aris, Taniya Batra, Divjot Kaur, Phantom Lovewell (they/them), Matthew Elliot Pitfield, J Ponte, Vaishnavi Singh, Luke St Clair, Vaishna Surjid.

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