Rose Finn-Kelcey’s ‘Bureau de Change’ (1987) – Timelapse

Modern Art Oxford presents Life, Belief and Beyond, the first posthumous exhibition of works by the highly influential British artist, Rose Finn-Kelcey (1945–2014). Life, Belief and Beyond focuses on Finn-Kelcey’s explorations of power, performance, political commentary, and perceptions of the self, belief and spirituality.

On show at Modern Art Oxford is Rose Finn-Kelcey’s striking work Bureau de Change, first created in 1987. For this piece, Finn-Kelcey playfully recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers’ painting using over 2000 coins.

Watch the time-consuming process of recreating Bureau de Change at Modern Art Oxford below.

Describing her motives behind creating Bureau de Change, Finn-Kelcey said: ‘At the time of the van Gogh Sunflowers’ auction, the fact that the painting was sold for $25 million when most artists are unable to make a living out of their work struck me as ironic. In what I can only describe as a flash of inspiration I realised that here was the imagery that would allow me to bring together both the material and the conceptual.’

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