Make music with found sounds – How-to Video with Poppy Tibbets

Learn how to make music using everyday sounds you find around you. 

In this fun and easy how-to video, musician and City as Studio associate artist Poppy Tibbets takes you through the process of editing and enhancing recorded sounds. 

All you need is:

· A computer

· A Digital Audio Workstation (e.g. GarageBand, LMMS, Ableton)

· A smart phone with a sound-recording app

· Anything around you that makes a sound

· A MIDI controller (but this is not essential) 

Remember, anything that makes a sound can be recorded or manipulated and turned into a piece of music!

Poppy Tibbets is a musician and artist with a practice based in sound, broadcasting and creative learning.

As part of our City as Studio digital residencies for ages 16-19, Poppy leads a workshop to create the soundtrack for the final residency film.

Find out more about City as Studio.

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