Hopeful film-making by young artist Kezia

Kezia took part in our City as Studio online film-making residency for ages 16-19 in February 2021 and produced two films across the week. The group were encouraged to work with DIY film-making and music-making techniques as ways to explore the issues that matter most to them.

Words and films by Kezia

I enjoyed making the short films and was especially happy with the outcome of the stop-motion animation film. I enjoyed putting together each shot in order to build a whole video. I will continue to make and experiment with short films and hope to keep learning more about the process.

My biggest achievement would probably be learning more about how to edit shots, but also how to show my conceptual ideas through filming. If I was to do the residency again, I would try to experiment further in the filmmaking process. For example, playing with light or specific objects, to make a deeper conceptual analysis.

I enjoyed meeting new people, however, there was too much online content for me, so I worked alone for most of the course with amazing support from the course leaders. 

The residency helped me to gain skills on shots and how to move between them. As I was working alone, I had to make decisions myself. This helped me to gain confidence in my own ideas. This residency taught me more about the technical skills involved in filmmaking and the range of products that are possible by changing just a small aspect.

I have previously done this course a few years ago, but as there wasn’t a pandemic, we could meet up physically and work in groups. Modern Art Oxford has done very well in making this course virtual-friendly, with a special website, and by sending all the participants boxes with the supplies in them. I have enjoyed both courses in different ways; the physical one was more about teamwork, whilst the virtual one was independent and added to my knowledge.

Find out more about City as Studio, here.

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