DIY film and sound-making: young artist Rhianna shares what she learned during our April film-making residency

Rhianna took part in our City as Studio online film-making residency for ages 16-19 in April 2021. The young artists were encouraged to work with DIY film-making and music-making techniques as ways to explore the issues that matter most to them.

Rhianna shares her experience of the residency and finding out more about working in an art gallery.

Words and film by Rhianna

My name is Rhianna Brown and I am an A-level student currently taking art, photography, product design and maths. Over the course of this week I have taken part in the Modern Art Oxfords programme where we have learnt about film making, college, sound making, and experienced looking at other art works and also visiting the Modern Art Oxford team.

This experience really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to the best of my capabilities, especially with collaging and making sounds as I had never done this before which was a great challenge to overcome. I was able to develop my leadership skills further by directing and constructing my short film together. This helped me as I was able to take charge, improve my organisational skills  and be very mindful in my thought process.

What I was really happy about is how my final piece turned out. I thought it was edited and constructed well and had a great fluidity about it. I also liked visiting the Modern Art Oxford team and finding out more about what goes on when in the galleries and the process behind it. I got a lot from this and it opened my mind to opportunities I might like to do in the future.

Find out more about City as Studio, here.

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