What if? International Women’s Day responses

Text over the top of green fir trees at night, with faded, spindly trees behind and several vertical lines of light. Text reads: What if? YOUR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY RESPONSES.
Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash; Photo by Mel Frances

 Content warning: contains a mention of sexual violence/rape

What if we shouted our worth from the rooftops? 

We asked Modern Art Oxford staff, volunteers and collaborators for their ‘what ifs?’ for International Women’s Day 2022. Accompanying the digital artwork, branch, for us a what if? is a question that invites you to imagine something different, perhaps for yourself, for someone else, or for the planet.

Read the resulting what ifs? below to imagine your own alternatives, new perspectives or hopes for the future.

🌿 What if things were in balance? 

🌿 What if a notification popped up every time I showed bias?

🌿 What if we shouted our worth from the rooftops?

🌿 What if carers, nurses, teachers got paid the same as bankers?

🌿 What if rapists were actually prosecuted?

🌿 What if every boy was brought up to be a feminist?

🌿 What if every woman could just go out for a walk in the dark without fear?

🌿 What if every child was treated with love and kindness?

🌿 What if we all did yoga every day?

🌿 What if kindness was currency?

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