Activating our Archives takeover by Amanda Denny

Amanda shares work that has emerged and continues to develop out of this year’s Activating our Archives workshops. Both personal and universal, her work explores memory and nostalgia through the (re-)framing of images, objects and texts.

“My entrance to this year’s Activating our Archives theme of Protest and Play is a reaction to some personal traumatic circumstances surrounding a family bereavement and the ensuing destructive disputes all exacerbated by the pandemic. Bound to silence from its oppressive all consumption, the fear of repercussion and misinterpretation, I was in effect verbally and visually voiceless – petrified even to post on Instagram. However, from within the blanket of the Activating our Archives group I felt able to peep out from the depressive shroud, and make work again. It is a therapy and a form of resistance, a means of survival where personal expression helps to move through the world again. Like many creative journeys which begin with personal engagement, the playful call to arms opened up a chance to experiment freely in form, content and process but importantly to reflect on the wider areas that my practice considers.”

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