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4 September
11 October 2021

Sign Symbol Sound: An exhibition exploring language and creativity

What are the signs, symbols and sounds that shape our communities and our environment? From experimental poetry and coded alphabets, to the communication of plants and fungi beneath our feet, Sign Symbol Sound is a new interdisciplinary exhibition exploring our language and creativity.

Taking place online from 4 September – 11 October 2021, Modern Art Oxford and Oxford Brookes University present Sign Symbol Sound, a collaborative art exhibition co-created by Modern Art Oxford volunteers. Celebrating works by people from across Oxfordshire, the exhibition asks us to celebrate and question where our languages come from, and how we can better communicate with one another and our environment.

Enter the online exhibition below, or click here.

Featured works in Sign Symbol Sound were selected from a county-wide call-out for images, sounds, text and objects that reflect individual experiences of language and creativity.

Selected artists in Sign Symbol Sound are: Sue Chamberlin, Emma Coleman-Jones, Xiaoyi Deng, Helen Ganly, Isis Amelie Hjorth, Angus Irvine, Barry Martynski, Nise McCulloch, Etain O’Carroll, Sarah Radice, Deshna Shah, Laura Smith, Lillian Tranborg, Izzy Treyvaud and Peter Vance.

Sign Symbol Sound is co-curated by: Martina Bani, Keren Golea, Alice Hackney, Selena Lyons, Andres Nava H, Kashmira Patel, Hamideh Rimaz, Alessandra Visintin, Kasia Ziniak, with Creative Associate, Laura Purseglove.

Sign Symbol Sound is a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and Modern Art Oxford. The project is generously supported by CHK Foundation. 

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