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2 December
25 February 2024

Children Heard and Seen: Hand in Hand

This winter, visit Modern Art Oxford to see the new collaborative artwork Hand in Hand co-created with the Children Heard and Seen community.

Since February 2023 our regular group of young artists have collaboratively created a series of brightly coloured life-sized portraits with Artist Producer, Mills Brown. These new artworks have been created during the monthly Saturday sessions for regular attendees, who enjoy art-making activities and exhibition visits as part of an ongoing partnership with Modern Art Oxford, since 2017. 

Hand in Hand shows the creativity, individualism and solidarity of all the children who have taken part in the project. The colourful life-sized artworks are displayed throughout the ground floor spaces at Modern Art Oxford.  

Children Heard and Seen supports children and families in their communities who are impacted by parental imprisonment. Throughout 2023, participants from Children Heard and Seen have visited Modern Art Oxford each month, to co-create these life-size silhouettes. Made collaboratively, each figure shows traces of the different hands that have shaped it.

We offer a range of facilities to ensure we are accessible to visitors. Please click here to find out more about visiting Modern Art Oxford. If you have any questions about your visit, please get in touch at

Find out more about the project here

Hand in Hand - An interview with Producer, Mills Brown

Artist Producer Mills Brown speaks about her collaborative project Hand in Hand, co-created with participants from Children Heard and Seen.
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Supporters and thanks

This year's collaboration with Children Heard and Seen is made possible thanks to the support of The Headley Trust, The Arts Society Oxford, and The Michael and Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust.