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Patrons are integral to Modern Art Oxford helping it to deliver an internationally acclaimed artistic programme with a truly local bearing.

With thanks to

Our Patrons, Ronán & Róisín Allen, Kirsty Anson, Charlotte Artus, Hussein Barma, Nicholas Berwin, Marie Boyle, Jacqueline Bowman, Jacqueline Chilton, Sandra Clarke, Lizzie Collins, Laura Grive, Iva Fattorini, Pravin Fernando, Didi & Peter Forster, Jessica & Peter Frankopan, Toby & Jennifer Greenbury, Victoria Harper, Andrea Hartley, Judith Keeling, Martin Kemp, Audrey Klein, Yves Klemmer & Martina Domonkos-Klemmer, Paula Lent, Anthony & Jenny Loehnis, Frederick McDonald, Neil & Amelia Mendoza, Anne Millais, Flavia Nespatti, Annabelle Nevile, Midge & Simon Palley, Myriam Phillips, Karen Smith, Paul Smith, Lucy & John Stopford, Nicholas Tresilian, Gareth Williams, Tom Woo, and those who wish to remain anonymous.

And our honorary patrons, Sarah Lee Elson, Valeria Napoleone, Catherine Petitgas, and Maria Sukkar.