Our galleries are closed until 28 May as we prepare our new exhibition Ruth Asawa: Citizen of the Universe.
Our Shop and Café are open as usual.


Patrons are integral to Modern Art Oxford helping it to deliver an internationally acclaimed artistic programme with a truly local bearing.

With thanks to

Our Patrons, Ronán & Róisín Allen, Kirsty Anson, Hussein Barma, Nicholas Berwin, Marie Boyle, Jacqueline Bowman, Jacqueline Chilton, Sandra Clarke, Sarah Lee Elson, Natalie Fellowes, Laura Grive, Iva Fattorini, Pravin Fernando, Didi & Peter Forster, Jessica & Peter Frankopan, Toby & Jennifer Greenbury, Victoria Harper, Andrea Hartley, Judith Keeling, Martin Kemp, Audrey Klein, Paula Lent, Anthony & Jenny Loehnis, Elizabeth McCarthy, Frederick McDonald, Neil & Amelia Mendoza, Anne Millais, Flavia Nespatti, Annabelle Nevile, Midge & Simon Palley, Gisele Phillips, Karen Smith, Paul Smith, Lucy & John Stopford, Nicholas Tresilian, Andy Verschoyle, Gareth Williams, Audrey Wallrock, Wayne Warren, Tom Woo, and those who wish to remain anonymous.

And our honorary patrons, Valeria Napoleone, Catherine Petitgas, and Maria Sukkar.