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19 October 2023
3:45 pm
5:00 pm

Unfolding Moments Workshop

This event marks the second of our Moments workshop series, hosted and led by Creative in Residence, Harmanpreet Randhawa, and Platform Graduate Award nominees Sarah Catterall, Helen Kohl and George Marrington.

Unfolding Moments will take place in Sarah Catterall’s exhibition space on 19th October. In this artist-led workshop, explore and interact with collected items found in the exhibition space, placing them on an overhead projector and experimenting with the shadows, creating drawings from the shapes created. The items from Assorted and Unfolding Moments shall be gathered together in preparation for the final instalment of this series, Holding Moments.

Continue to take part in this workshop throughout the evening of our MAO Late.

The Moments Workshop Series encourages a considered set of encounters between the boundaries of the artists’ practices, the natural world and the community.

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