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1 January
31 December 2020

How Nature Builds 2020

How Nature Builds is a group project led by artist and researcher Sarah Blissett to explore the connections and flows between nature and the human body.

Across workshops both at Modern Art Oxford and Wytham Woods, this ongoing project offers informal participative experiences around the themes of nature, material processes and art.

In 2020 the project set out to explore the relationship between human bodies and nature, from outside to inside and the flows in between, as well as material processes and bodily transformation.

While the 2020 project was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can view the project online gallery below, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Meanwhile, the organic Continuing Bodies sculpture, produced as part of How Nature Builds 2018/2019, has been evolving over time. Project participant and artist Lillian Tranborg has been documenting the process of decay since the sculpture was installed in Wytham Woods in 2018, and shares her film footage and photography on our blog BreathDecay and the Visitors by Lilian Tranborg.

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