Take part – Adapt, Transform: a new exhibition exploring urban design and creativity

How can cities be designed with communities and our planet in mind? 

Modern Art Oxford and Oxford Brookes University invite people based in Oxfordshire to submit their creative responses to Adapt Transform, a new interdisciplinary exhibition exploring urban design and creativity.

Selected submissions will feature in a collaborative exhibition from 16 August – 25 September, installed as a conversation between two distinct exhibition sites: The Glass Tank Gallery at Oxford Brookes University and the ground floor space at Modern Art Oxford. 

Adapt Transform explores community experiences of urban design that impact the transformation of places over time, bringing a range of lived experiences together to discover how the planning and design of the cityscape impacts the way we live. 

We welcome submissions inspired by any profession or personal experience, which resonate with the theme and reflect how we interact with architecture and design in our urban communities. The exhibition will be co-curated by members of the volunteer team at Modern Art Oxford.


Exhibition Dates: 16 August – 25 September 2022

Deadline for Submissions: Monday 30 May 2022

How can cities be designed with communities in mind, providing the social spaces we each need to connect? 
How can new concepts for architecture and design change the impact we have on the planet?

Take part

For full information about the project and to submit your work, please download the application pack or email creativelearning@modernartoxford.org.uk

To read more about last year’s open call exhibition Sign Symbol Sound, please click here.

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