Watch: The Surrogacy Act

How much do you know about surrogacy laws and ethics? What could you learn by stepping into the shoes of someone with experience of surrogacy?

In a unique online event on 2 December 2021, Modern Art Oxford welcomed playwright and game-maker Rhianna Ilube and feminist researchers and collaborators Zaina Mahmoud and Meera Somji, to present The Surrogacy Act, a developing interactive game that explores the experiences of surrogates and the legal system that shapes surrogacy in the UK. 

This event was visually captured by live illustrator Camille Aubry.

The Surrogacy Act, 2021. Artwork by Camille Aubry

The Surrogacy Act online talk took place as part of Modern Art Oxford’s digital participatory programming, an area of work which explores innovative, audience-participatory digital experiences in collaboration with artists, researchers and collaborators.