Trans Happiness Is Real: Oxford’s graffiti art

Trans Happiness is Real, an anonymous group of young activists, join us for a special Instagram takeover between 21-24 August 2021. Click here to follow their takeover on Instagram.

“Art does nothing if it doesn’t speak to people, and to do that it needs to connect with them: be present in their daily lives. In February 2019, we found a message we needed to share with ourselves and the public, and so to do that as broadly as we could, we screen printed it onto rainbow paper, and wheat pasted it onto the streets: TRANS HAPPINESS IS REAL. We have been screaming it into the city through various media ever since.” – Trans Happiness is Real

Over on the blog, learn more about how the group spreads trans-positive messages through their creative interventions, the ‘TERF’ graffiti wars they still face and their latest textiles project in one of Oxford’s best known museums.