The Visitors in Wytham Woods: A film by Lillian Tranborg

Over the more than two and a half years artist Lillian Tranborg has been monitoring the gradual evolution and decomposition of ‘Continuing Bodies’, an organic sculpture erected in Wytham Woods in 2018 by Lillian and a group of artists, as part of Modern Art Oxford’s How Nature Builds project. Lillian says, “there have been recurring signs of nibbling on the mycelium bricks. Although, on my regular monitoring visits, I have been able to take pictures of flies and spiders interacting with the sculpture, I really wanted to know what other beings might be visiting, and eating, the sculpture. Taking advantage of the forest being closed for human visitors during lockdown, I put up two wildlife cameras and left them there for the first week of March 2021. This is some of the footage that I got.