LGBTQ+ History Month: spotlight on Roberta Cowell

Image: Trans Happiness is Real

Take another look at our takeover by Trans Happiness Is Real in August 2021

“Roberta Cowell was a racing driver and a fighter pilot in WW2, as well as the first known British trans woman to medically transition. This embroidered portrait of her is part of a series of our work highlighting trans people from history and/or from non-Western cultures, trying to make the point that transness is not the exclusively young and Western thing that stereotypes make it out to be. Trans people and people living beyond the gender binary have existed throughout history all over the world. #WeHaveAlwaysExisted

The portrait of Roberta managed to stay up on the street for a couple months or so, and then disappeared. Wonder where she is now? Part of the draw of fabric art for us is that it’s harder for haters to destroy than paper posters are.”

This post was part of an Instagram takeover by a group of anonymous young activists spreading spreading trans-positive messages through creative interventions in Oxford and beyond. Find out more here.