Activating our Archives takeover by Martín Volman

Hi, I’m Martin Volman, a sociologist and photographer from Argentina now living in Germany. With the great guidance and engagement of Sunil Shah during the workshops, I could go forward with the edition of my Project Mavica.

This project is based on taking pictures with one of the first popular digital cameras, Mavica, that appeared in the market in 1998. I’ve taken more than 3.000 images with this camera. As in Vertov’s film, the pictures seem like photos taken by the camera.

When I look the archive and I think about the visual texture of these pictures, they look old. The 0.03 MP resolution determines what and how we see. But, what (and how) is to take photos in 2021 with a camera from 1998? If this medium has an intrinsic relationship with the time variable that increases in digital photography. The digital highlights the passing of time.

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