Platform Graduate Award – Susannah Canning: Modern Art Oxford Amplified

The Platform Graduate Award is an annual award designed to nurture new artistic talent by selecting and exhibiting work from art school graduates from the south east of England, providing support through the critical period between graduation and life as a professional artist.

Susannah Canning (Oxford Brookes University) created a new audio walk in response to Modern Art Oxford. In her role as the absent guide, Canning escorted visitors through a series of sound recordings, re-enacting the past in the present. The exhibition took place around the gallery in August 2015.

Exploring the unique and potent nature of sound to encapsulate experience, history and memory, Canning’s work investigates encounters with place through the experience of walking. Drawing on the long history of walking as a way of inciting experience, she utilises sound to record her own experiences of the walks she makes. Transforming hours of recordings into audio walks, Canning invites her audience to re-engage with the fundamental acts of walking and listening through the catalyst of her own solitary walks.

Click here to listen to this audio work.

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