Creative Connections: Reaching Out by Deb Pill

If you’re a regular visitor to the gallery you’ll know Deb Pill from our Front of House team. On weekends, Deb is a Creative Practitioner for our Creative Space, and she works in the Shop too. In this blog post we share her artwork Reaching Out, alongside her reflections on the interactions she was missing most in the weeks just following the temporary closure of the gallery.

Words and image by Deb Pill.

During these uncertain times of isolation within ‘lockdown’, we have moved into a virtual and digital world in which we seek ways to reach out to each other, connecting with those we care for and love.

Deborah Pill, Reaching Out, 2017. Acrylic paint on board.

I can normally be found front of house, in the shop or facilitating in the Creative Space. It is within these roles that I engage with the public. Reflecting on my role in the Creative Space, I find that the interaction and conversations with visitors are the moments that I miss most. The sharing of ideas and thoughts across the table, as well as problem solving and learning through play, combines to make this a unique space for all to enjoy.

The gallery and the Creative Space are meeting places for those who are interested in art and those who are more reluctant to take part in the activities and need encouragement. Each exhibition brings a new experience and challenge to the space, allowing for a deeper understanding of the artwork on display in the galleries through conversation and completion of activities. Changing exhibitions allow for local visitors to return with whom we build friendships and enables international and national visitors to enjoy and participate in varied exhibitions and activities.

Whilst the digital and virtual world is helping to keep everyone in touch, it is the personal, physical connection and interaction in the Creative space that I am looking forward to returning to in the future.

Our Creative Connections campaign is all about staying connected through creativity. If you’re getting creative in your own way, share your creative moments with us by tagging us on social media and using the hashtags #MAOAssembly and #CreativeConnections.

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