Director’s Cut: June

This month, Director Paul Hobson discusses ideas that connect two artists, Debora Delmar Corp and Lynn Hershman Leeson. In the 1960s and 1970s, artists began to draw attention to the constructed nature of our identities. Continuing this line of critique, artists of the current generation are frequently representing an idea of identity that is not… Continue reading Director’s Cut: June

Director’s Cut: April

In a series of monthly blogs, Paul Hobson reflects on current developments in contemporary art. ‘We live in a consumer culture and it is not surprising that contemporary artists are interested in reflecting back and critiquing the values, strategies and formats of consumerism. Exposure to forms of popular visual production generated through the latest consumer technologies is… Continue reading Director’s Cut: April

Director’s Cut: March

Paul Hobson

This is the first in a new series of monthly blogs in which Paul Hobson, Director of Modern Art Oxford, reflects on current developments in contemporary art. ‘Without a doubt one of the most significant and widespread developments that can be seen in many critically engaged contemporary art practices is born out of an involvement… Continue reading Director’s Cut: March