Virtual exhibition – Anish Kapoor: Painting

In the final weeks of Anish Kapoor’s major exhibition Painting at Modern Art Oxford, we’re giving you the chance to discover the works online. Wherever you are, immerse yourself in the colours and textures of Kapoor’s striking painting works in this virtual tour of the show. Click below to enter the exhibition. About the artist… Continue reading Virtual exhibition – Anish Kapoor: Painting

branch: come and play with what’s possible

PHANTOM LOVEWELL (THEY/THEM): A non-binary streamer who loves Music Theatre and Disney. I love you to scare-act and to cosplay. I definitely am one for the dramatics. [Photo by David Clode on Unsplash, featuring edits by Melanie Frances.]

From February 2022 take part in branch, a living, expanding, branching artwork that explores the many varying possibilities for what’s to come. Experiment with alternatives, futures and what could be: for us, for others, for the planet. Fusing game design, interactive storytelling, speculative fiction and citizen science, branch won’t be one thing: it will hold… Continue reading branch: come and play with what’s possible

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