branch content notes and warnings

Close up photo of green ivy on a large brown tree trunk.
Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash; Photo by Sugar Bee on Unsplash

A general note about branch content and themes

Thank you for your interest in branch, a digital artwork inviting everyone to play with what might come next; for us, for others, for the planet. With branch, we strive to create a welcoming space in which to ask questions, test ideas and seek out new perspectives on futures and alternatives. The team behind branch have designed the artwork to be inspiring and hopeful to those who take part. But because branch is an invitation to imagine futures for ourselves and each other, we also wanted to acknowledge that future-thinking can naturally bring up uncomfortable feelings, worries or concerns.

Because branch imagines a world of plural futures and alternatives, it brings together lots of different voices, perspectives and ideas about what could be. It is absolutely central to the project that everyone gets the chance to imagine and play with what the future could be. This means that you may come across views or ideas that may be different to your own, or you may encounter subjects in other people’s stories or ‘what ifs?’ that you may find uncomfortable, or even upsetting.

To help, we’ve outlined below some of the specific themes that come up in branch, and stated any content warnings you may need to be aware of as you explore. We’ve also recommended some useful links and resources below. If you have any questions about the information we’ve outlined below, or if you’d like any extra support, please feel free to email the team at

We think you’ll find branch thought-provoking and hopeful, but we’ve also recommended some links and resources below if you’d like a bit of extra support. If you have any questions about the information we’ve outlined below, please feel free to email the team at

branch themes

As you explore branch, you may notice thematic tags on stories or posts, such as ‘Climate,’ or ‘Love.’ Each of these tags relate to the themes in that particular story or post and are designed to offer a choice in the kind of content you may wish to engage with. These tags will be updated along with any new content submitted, so you may wish to refer back here throughout the project.

The tags we’re using in branch are:
Choices, Climate, Communication, Daily life, Game, Knowledge, Loss, Love, Poetry, Politics & Power, Sexual Content, Snapshot, Surreal

branch content warnings

We also wanted to make you aware of which particular branch stories and ‘what ifs?’ we’ve given content warnings, and what those specific warnings are.

Click below to see where we’ve outlined all branch content and any warnings we want you to be aware of. This page will be updated along with any new content submitted, so you may wish to refer back to it throughout the project. (Please note that this page may give away plot details or story spoilers.)

branch conduct

This collaboratively created project grew through a series of workshops that were underpinned by a focus on respecting each other’s opinions, perspectives and creations. The project is also built on a recognition that many perspectives and visions of what could be might co-exist. We invite everyone who participates in branch to listen to, and respect each other in order to continue this shared ethos, acknowledging and embracing what we can learn from our differences. We particularly invite you into a respectful space when we invite dialogue, such as when commenting and responding to stories and posts. The creators of this project have a zero tolerance approach to hate speech of any kind and, as with all of our digital content, all posts are carefully overseen by the Modern Art Oxford Digital Team. Again, if you have any questions about this, please feel email us at

Useful links and resources

Mental health 

Samaritans: advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Phone 116 123 for free, write an email, letter or download the app

NHS mental health website:  practical information and support.

Oxfordshire Mind: local support by telephone on 01865 247788, or email

Mental Health Matters: nationwide charity providing a wide range of support to people with mental health needs,

Young Minds: UK-wide mental health support charity for young people.

Life & careers

Prince’s Trust: charity supporting 11 to 30-year-olds across the UK with employment and education

Youth UK: charity who help unlock youth work as a catalyst for change.

VOXY: youth-led countywide forum which provides a voice for all young people in Oxfordshire. 

Access UK: youth careers solutions specialist, focusing on young people from African Caribbean heritage.

Think Forward: provides coaching to help young people get into the workforce.

Aspire Oxford: helps Oxfordshire-based individuals facing disadvantagement with employment and housing.

Coram Voice: supporting young people in care or leaving care.

Advocacy Academy: activist youth movement fighting for justice and equality.

British Youth Council: empower young people aged 25 and under to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives.


Into Games: non-profit that supports people in finding rewarding careers in the games industry.

Women in Games: engages with the game industries and adjoining sectors, to make the case for gender equity and parity.

BAME in Games: advocacy group that exists to encourage more diverse talent to work in the games industry.

Safe in our World: creates and fosters worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry and beyond.

Limit Break: mentorship program aimed at underrepresented people working in the UK games industry.