The Director’s Archive: Positive Lives – Responses to HIV, 1994

A post on Modern Art Oxford's channel about the 1994 touring photo-documentary exhibition exploring the complex individual and social responses to HIV and AIDS.

Throughout its 50 year history, Modern Art Oxford has presented a programme which has showed an ongoing interest in socially-engaged artistic practices and, to greater and lesser degrees, exhibitions that deal with complex social and political concerns of the moment. There are many examples during the 1980s and 1990s in particular, ranging from race relations… Continue reading The Director’s Archive: Positive Lives – Responses to HIV, 1994

Re-Visit: What’s Important: Art & Politics with Adam Szymczyk

Adam Szymczyk, Artistic Director of Documenta 14, discusses the political value of art both locally and internationally. This was first in a series of lectures during Modern Art Oxford’s anniversary year by leading curators and critics exploring the value of art. Video produced in association with the University of Oxford.

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Gustav Metzger on Art as Energy for Life

Sammlung Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. Photo: FBM Studio, Zürich. © Gustav Metzger. A Moment of Grace charts the ways in which artistic activism in the 1960s aimed to critique the art world as a way of commenting on ‘the establishment’, through to a new generation of artists working with the new materials and visual surfaces of the post-Internet age.

Gustav Metzger’s Liquid Crystal Environments return to the gallery as part of A Moment of Grace (16 April to 10 June 2016). In this interview, he shares his insights with Emma Ridgway, Head of Programme. – Born in 1926 to Polish-Jewish parents in Nuremberg, Germany, Gustav Metzger is an artist known for his politically radical… Continue reading Gustav Metzger on Art as Energy for Life

KALEIDOSCOPE Transition #1 Timelapse

Instead of closing when artwork is being installed, the galleries will be open all year round in 2016 to celebrate our 50th year. This is so you can glimpse behind the scenes to see the exhibitions being made.

In 2016, Modern Art Oxford celebrates 50 years as an internationally acclaimed powerhouse of contemporary visual culture. KALEIDOSCOPE is a year long series of interlinking exhibitions, performances and events, presenting an unmissable opportunity to reflect on some of the great moments in Modern Art Oxford’s history. Because it’s a special year, we decided to try… Continue reading KALEIDOSCOPE Transition #1 Timelapse

The Archive: Hanne Darboven, 1974

A post on a past exhibition by Hanne Darboven. On display were 19 minimalist drawings, which together formed one single work. Each drawing was built up of sheets of humble exercise book paper.

Hanne Darboven exhibited in what was previously known as the Middle Gallery (currently the café and shop area) at the Museum of Modern Art Oxford between 30 June and 4 August 1974. Hanne Darboven (b. 1941, Munich, d. 2009, Hamburg) studied painting at the Hochschule für bildende Kunst Hamburg, under one of the best Op-painters… Continue reading The Archive: Hanne Darboven, 1974